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Injury claims are a challenge for the entire insurance industry. Not only are they costly and time consuming for everyone involved, but they are also difficult to investigate and even harder to substantiate.

There are two key variables in any injury event – the individual who is injured and the thing that causes the injury. While that may seem obvious and simplistic, each involves varying degrees of complexity. To make sense of the complex issues in any injury scenario, you need an expert who is familiar with both the mechanics of injury and the injury mechanism. A bio-mechanical engineer is uniquely positioned to provide expert insight into both.

Sintra Engineering’s injury experts bring an in-depth understanding of the injury investigation process to every case. We understand that our clients need to know if the injury was caused by the incident in question, if the injury was exacerbated by a pre-existing condition, and if it could have been prevented. That’s why we focus on providing clients with information that helps them determine liability and move ahead with confidence.       

A biomechanical engineering injury assessment focuses on the mechanism and magnitude of the impact forces that were present. More specifically, did a mechanism exist to produce the reported injury and if it did, was there sufficient magnitude to produce the reported symptoms? This type of analysis can be applied to any injury scenario but is commonly applied to injuries resulting from collisions.

When collisions result in bodily injury claims, insurers need to know that the injury is consistent with the forces experienced during the collision. Sintra Engineering’s injury and collision experts work together to analyze and evaluate the forces involved in collisions, and determine if those forces could have caused the specified injuries.

Using information derived from collision reconstructions about the speeds of the vehicles and the change in velocity resulting from impact, our injury experts can use that information to determine the extent of injuries that would likely result from these collisions. During our investigations, we pay particular attention to seatbelts and how their use can lessen or prevent injuries altogether. As part of this, we can alert our clients to the merits of a seatbelt defense.

Confirming Liability through Biomechanical Injury Assessments

In instances where the injury claim seems improbable or the extent of injury seems unreasonably extensive, a bio-mechanical engineering analysis can help validate the injury potential. Read more about the benefits of a bio-mechanical injury analysis in resolving injury claims...

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Injuries can happen anywhere at anytime, but slip, trip and falls are of particular interest to insurers because they often result from property hazards or product malfunctions and can lead to injury claims. Sintra Engineering’s injury experts understand the intricacies involved in investigating these types of cases.

We bring a broad range of experience, and a multi-disciplinary approach to every investigation. We look at everything from the design of the property or product, to its condition, maintenance and use. We examine building codes to ensure the building or structure is in compliance with relevant codes, and check for environmental factors such as ice, precipitation or lighting. And we look at products to determine if they were used incorrectly or damaged over time. Our goal is to analyze every possible factor involved in an injury claim, so our clients can identify negligence and determine liability.

Slip, Trip and Fall Investigations

A biomechanical engineering assessment can be useful in other injury scenarios, such as evaluating the circumstances surrounding a person who has slipped, tripped or fallen. These investigations often require multi-disciplinary investigations involving our injury and failure experts. Read some of the common questions we are asked to answer when investigating slip, trip or fall incidents...

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