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Carly Cooke, P.Eng., CFEI, CVFI

Technical Experts   

Most of Carly’s professional life has been spent at Sintra Engineering, which makes her fairly well versed in the workings of the organization. In fact, Carly has the unique distinction of having worked in both the Property and Collision Reconstruction divisions of Sintra Engineering. After graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Carly began carrying out reconstructions within the collision group before moving on to investigating vehicle and structural fires, as well as other technical failures, on the property loss side. Having worked with just about everyone, and in every area, it isn’t surprising to learn that Carly also manages, plays for, and coaches Sintra’s softball team.

Back in the day - I danced - a lot - jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, modern, hip-hop, Irish.

The last thing I did that was totally out of character - Swam with the sharks (though, there was a cage between me and them).

First thing I’d do if I won the lottery - Pay off the house (boring, I know.)


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